Turkish Straits: ships called to any of the listed country ports in their last 10 calls within last 14 days are allowed receive provisions, but no crew change and technician attendance is allowed. For crew to disembark or to enter Korea, he/she must be in possession of a working personal smart phone and must install the government specified ‘Self-diagnosis Application’ on the phone. This has now been extended until 30 April 2020. Ok after several attempts, I was able to get a working musical Tesla coil. Storage space at all Liquid Terminals/Tankages at most of the Ports are understood to be critical due to slow evacuation. The crew member must have a ticket and travel directly to the airport. Crew changes are currently prevented as the Congolese Government suspended international flights from 20.03.2020 until further notice. Not only due to the risk of contracting the virus, but also because the isolation is mandatory and its breach is being prosecuted criminally by our authorities. Such measures include social distancing, hand hygiene and respiratory protection in the form of masks. Measures implemented by the Government include that schools and educational institutions have been closed, restrictions have been applied to public meetings, travel and border crossing, and the capacity of social and health care services are being increased. The Romanian Government has published a new regulation in order to ensure that the domestic products remain in the country stock. The airport is closed. International commercial flights remain suspended. Upon arrival of the conveyance, Port Health officials must collect and verify the health documentation and interview the crew members/operators to determine if there is any sick passenger on board. The Cayman Islands Shipping Registry (CISR) published several guidelines, including a non- exhaustive list of scenarios and provided instructions for owners and managers who face such challenging issues due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Please inspect any unit before renting. A protocol regarding the COVID 19 has to be accomplished 72hrs prior vessel arrival. For your convenience, below are some references and resources for your consideration. to provide convenience to change of Turkish and foreign crew members at Turkish ports, to re-commence port state inspections at Turkish ports to the 15% of the vessels which are flying non-Turkish flags. No shore leave is permitted, including berth and jetty, unless in case of emergency and subject to approval from Port Management. IMO issued a guidance concerning the newbuild bulk carriers and oil tankers that were scheduled for delivery before 1st July 2020. No disembarking is allowed of any crewmember from vessel at berth, unless there is a medical emergency in that case the communication will be at first instance through the emergency numbers. Transport Canada issued a bulletin concerning the mobility of asymptomatic workers in the shipping sector. All vessel calling Ras Laffan, Maritime Health Declaration normally need to be submitted to regulation department 72 Hrs prior to arrival, in addition Master need to update & resubmit MDH 24 Hours prior berthing also. Failure to do so is an offense punishable by imprisonment and fine. National Quarantine Station officers are boarding those vessels to check the body temperatures of each crew along with handing out questionnaires to be filled out personally by all crew members. Vessels enroute to Turkish ports should make required declarations including but not limited to “maritime declaration of health” (MDOH) 48 hours prior to arrival at a Turkish port, whereas the same was applied on 24 hours notice previously. Republic of Cyprus, Shipping Deputy Ministry. It is expected that this new extension of the period of state of emergency will be agreed until 26 April. At the one of Korean inland cities, Daegu, the COVID19 is getting worse, but at the other Korean areas it is not bad with COVID19. Implementing health information campaigns to raise awareness on how to receive assistance if someone is showing symptoms. The Master has to send the Health Declaration during this period. Only stores spares can be delivered without any contact between vessel and agency boats. A health clearance and report of any seafarer who became sick on board the ship and who has to be disembarked within a period of 15 days before arrival of the ship at the port of Nouakchott. The National Port Authority and APM Terminals Liberia at Monrovia port advise that all port users within the commercial and operational area of all seaports within Liberia such as, stevedores, cargo surveyors, boarding Agent, Supervisors, Tally Clerks, crane Operators, field Managers, vessels’ crews, are advised to take strict health practices or measure to ensure the washing of hand, usage of face mask and wearing of glove as a safe measure set by the ministries of health. Inchcape provide a list under the Turkey section: https://www.iss-shipping.com/pages/coronavirus-port-country-implications. No airlines or ferries are operating into Dominica with passengers. Register of body temperature to all crew and passengers if any. These PoE are: Ministry of Communications advise that agents are required to provide in addition the usually required documentation before arrival: a copy of the ships’ logbook for the last 30 working days – in English However, there may be delays in operations. Following the majority of the countries worldwide, Russia issued guidelines on how its shipping sector is dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. The curfew which is currently in force in all other districts (Ports Galle, Hambantota and Trincomalee) has been has been amended to between 20:00 to 05:00 and will continue until further notice. Stevedores and personnel attending on board vessels shall continue to take basic precaution such as the use of masks and keep a safety distance of 1.5 mts from each person in contact. The Port of New York and New Jersey continues to operate. If less than 14 days, as we understand, the vessel will have to wait at the anchorage until the 14 day period is reached. Disembarkation occurs when the person leaves the area under control of the Australian Border Force (ABF). Thus the pending cases before commercial courts are suspended as well as the introduction of new proceedings. They are crew from a foreign flagged vessel belonging to a Taiwan owner, Their vessel is calling for comprehensive repair work, The vessel is being delivered and redelivered in Taiwan, They disembark from a vessel sailing Taiwan domestic routing, or one which has berthed at. Stevedore operations will continue in all ports. The following measures are currently applied strictly at New Limassol Port until further notice: The country is under lockdown and health emergency has been extended until 11 May. If a Ship, her Crew or Passengers entered the countries considered to be High Risk countries (i.e. All cruise vessel calls to Georgian ports have been halted. Crew changes are prohibited for vessels arriving from outside Abu Dhabi, No shore leave is permitted, including berth and jetty unless in case of emergency and subject to approval from harbour master. The curfew has been amended to between 19:00  to 05:00 (17:00  to 05:00 Sundays). Crew members have to fill in forms on their itinerary. In Vung Ang port located in Vung Ang Economic Freezone and Qui Nhon Port checks and restrictions have reportedly been put in place which mirror those in China. No official tariff has been announced. The Hong Kong Marine Department will accept exemption documents or other relevant circular letters issued by the respective flag States during  port State control inspections. storage units for your personal, business On July 26, Hong Kong reported 128 new infections. Issuance of Phytosanitary Certificates for the export of agricultural products is suspended during the emergency state. The tariff for this compulsory disinfection will be as follows, charged to each vessel until further instructions: All 44 ports under Gujarat Maritime Board, Kakinada Anchorage Port, Kolkata, Haldia, Paradip, Paradip International Cargo Terminal, Kawar Port, Dhamra, Karaikal, Gopalpur, Gangavaram, Krishnapatnam, Kandla, Kandla International Container Terminal , Adani Ports at Mundra, Tuna, Hazira and Dahej, Angre, the JSW and JSWIL ports at Goa, APM terminals at JN port (Nhava Sheva). If it is found “clean”, it will then be permitted to enter the port. Passenger traffic between Estonia and Finland is only allowed for returning citizens or in certain special cases. The quarantine period starts to count from the date the vessel sailed from previous port of call. If a vessel has crew members or passengers from epidemiological risk countries who boarded within the last 14 days before arrival to Novorossiysk, or if the ship has visited one of the listed epidemiological risk countries within the last 14 days, disinfection of the ship will be required upon arrival. Ships before arrival Port Victoria must do their normal maritime health declaration. The form must be submitted to the port authority (Port Control) 72 hours before arrival at RAK Ports. A curfew between 22:00 – 05:00 is in force. If the Port Health official is certain that there are no sick passengers on board and all health requirements have been met, the passengers may be allowed to disembark. ETIC SAS AFRICA  P&I  Services , McLeans – WAMS. The yachts and other touristic boats are allowed in port only for supplies (bunker, water, provisions) but the crew and passengers who may be onboard are not allowed ashore. A curfew is in effect from 17:00 to 06:00 until at least 18 April. The bulletin is an addition to the existent one, with the Club informing that the Australian Government are implementing enhanced risk assessments on all international vessels calling into Australia. Taiwan seamen’s entry is allowed, subject to 14 days self- quarantine. All seafarers are not authorized to go ashore during the vessel’s call. Curfew continues in force in all the country from 07h000 to 19h00, which limits the port operations to take place between these hours. A protocol for the all type of ships calling St. Eustatius Port was implemented. International flights were suspended until 6 April. Economic and commercial activities are suspended, with the exception of supermarkets, service stations, pharmacies and establishments dedicated for the provision of food or beverages. November 2020 jeweils ausschließlich online. All crew are requested to put on masks and PPE to prevent the spread of virus before meeting pilots embarking on the weather dock. Pilot must be equipped with FFP2 mask and gloves when meeting the Master and crew who should also wear protection equipment; The agent is the unique interface with the Master. 31 March: All vessels calling at Derince Safi Terminal must be disinfected. Maritime information of health via radio telegram (Tor.2 form). Where cleaning and/or disinfection is required, the Port Health office must inform cleaning/handling company and monitor the process. Portuguese Government issue a statement informing that all passenger vessels will not be authorized to disembark any guests/crewmembers/staff. The country is undergoing a gradual opening, although restriction measures continue, but with partial reductions from before. Minor delays are applicable in granting free pratique as all the vessels are boarded by the sanitary officers during arrival clearances in order to check the situation on the spot and upon their confirmation other clearances are allowed. The country’s ports and terminals are exempt from the lockdown as they are considered essential services. Personal protective equipment is provided to all frontline personnel. Require for stevedore staff who has to board the vessel the use of protection equipment (gloves, bib, antiseptic solution), Forbid any person acting as service supplier the board ships. With the closure of borders, crew change or repatriation is prevented until further notice. The ports are operational without any restriction and work normally. As the coronavirus crisis continues, the International Chamber of Shipping published new guidance focusing on seafarers' health and protection, providing detailed advice on managing port entry restrictions and practical protective measures for Seafarers, including an outbreak management plan, which each vessel has to implement and follow. Besides the coordination through In-LUST, teaching staff and students from the faculties of Architecture, Mechanical & Process Engineering, Social Sciences & Cultural … Additional PPE (such as Masks, Goggles and Gloves will be compulsory to use in some ports / terminals. The VTS will then advised the national authorities on the ship’s arrival. 5 expressly creates two exclusions relevant to shipping operations. Crew members will only be allowed to disembark the vessel if they have been granted permission by the relevant authorities. Suspected infected vessels will be isolated at outer anchorages. The wearing of facial masks when in public is mandatory. Container Feeder vessels arriving from Colombo, Singapore and Tanjung Pelepas Port, hub ports for Bangladesh Containerised trade are exempt from 14 days quarantine. A standard pre-arrival documents will be followed, an additional Marine Health Declaration form has to be submitted. It provides express provisions applicable to ships: Mandatory quarantine would be applicable if there are confirmed COVID19 cases on board; or suspected cases and the quarantine ordered by the Sanitary Authorities. Entry into the country has been suspended for all nationalities except for Qataris. The surveys can be undertaken and Samer & Misa remains available and active for any assistance needed from the maritime and business community. We urge you, as a member of the Public Storage family, to monitor the guidance of public health authorities and other sources of credible information. Upon arrival of vessel into port, all crew must undergo health screening at designated facility located in ports. As a consequence of the current spread of Coronavirus, BIMCO has decided that no BIMCO staff can travel to the Far East until further notice. Oasis P&I advise on Chinese crew change requirements, setting out the procedures. Each vessel must sent report to Ministry of Health of Israel before her arrival to Israeli port, stating that all crew and passengers are healthy and that the vessel didn’t visit China in the last 15 days. China, Japan, South Korea, Iran, Europe, USA, Brazil and Chile (these two countries just recently added….). AMSA issued a marine notice, stating that return to international requirements, of no more than 11 continuous months on board, will be applied from 28 February 2021. The MOH and HM Office to be contacted in case of any suspicious situation concerning the Corona Virus in the Port area and on board the vessels in within the Port Limits. The Government of Liberia has placed travel restrictions on flights from countries reporting 200 or more COVID-19 cases.The port of Monrovia is operational. All borders with the Turkish occupied territory of Cyprus have closed until further notice. All Chinese Are refused to enter Taiwan at the airport, Foreigners who visit China within 14 days prior to entering Taiwan are not allowed to (Example: the crew change, CDI, checks, etc). All husbandry services have been suspended at the Tupras Terminals at Tutunciftlik and Aliaga until further notice, due to the outbreak of Covid-19. IA Supply Of Op Wks Stores 2 Pcc Solid Block 400 X 200 X 200Mm 10Mm Minimum Strength 50 Kg Sqcm Pcc Shall Confirm To Is 2185 Par , Due Date: 17-12-2020 ,Tender Value: 0 ,City : ESD, SEVOKE,3 ENGR REGT, SILIGURI,WB, Location: West Bengal Tender Notice 26243382 Consult a Medical Doctor in the next port. We look forward to continuing to meet your storage needs. Crew members are not permitted to stay in a hotel and wait for exit flight. ILO has issued a revised version of its information note on maritime labour issues and COVID-19 note including a joint statement of the Officers of the Special Tripartite Committee of the Maritime Labour Convention. the ship will be denied entry to respective port until health condition of persons on board the ship is assessed by sanitary inspectors. This containment measure may suffer some adjustments by Regional Health Authorities. All shore-leaves permits are suspended to all crewmembers within Portuguese ports. The local port Authority has not yet issued any restrictions on seaport or vessels entering. Rust resistant protective finish. The Bridge team must also wear masks during pilotage. It is prohibited for foreigners to enter the Republic of Lithuania, except for drivers and crew members, when commercial and/or international carriage of goods is carried out, also there are other exceptions. Pilots must use protective equipment (masks, gloves, etc.). The rest of ground handling of the vessels continues normally, however under additional safety measures and protocols during the commercial operations. The origin and the last ten ports of call. Mutual Marine Services Al Mushtaraka Ltd. The country has imposed travel restrictions to foreign nationals with certain exceptions and has banned all cruise vessels calling at any Georgian ports. Since 23 March, Philip Goldson International Airport has been closed to international passenger flights. The following crew/passenger are restricted to enter KoreaAll Chinese seafarers with passport issued in Hubei province is prohibited to enter Korea. Master’s declaration that the onboard crew are free from Coronavirus, From 19 March, shore passes will not be issued for any crew on board ships calling at Mongla Port. The Master has an obligation to inform of whether or not symptomatic persons are on board. GAC advise that all international ships’ first port of call will be the four listed below: It is reported that the National Sanitary Authority (ANVISA) issued Resolution RDC No 373, which allows them to renew, once, the validity of the National Certificate of On Board Sanitary Control (or its exemption) for a period of 30 days. Aufgrund der Corona-Lage in Deutschland hat das Präsidium der Hochschule Düsseldorf (HSD) zuletzt am 2.10.2020 die Corona-Weisung der HSD aktualisiert. Share them here on RPubs. For commercial calls,  vessels are allowed to enter and berth in order to perform commercial ops (load/discharge) with no delays or minor delays on account of terminals/vessels contingency plans. Ports are opened to the containers and general cargo ships but are closed to passenger’s vessel. Loading and offloading of vessels operations. Protocols on crew change and repatriation of seafarers. Tugboat crews are receiving ships equipment that may have been in contact with infected seafarers. Please read on for a message from our CEO. Chinese crew cannot issue coastal passes by port authorities and does not grant landing permits to all Taiwan ports. All persons arriving to Portugal by sea; air or ground borders may be subject to quarantine for 14 days in hotel. The first one I tried was a DIY kit, and the thing did not work after spending weeks on it.. They issued a statement according to which all ship master’s coming directly or transiting China ports, are kindly requested to ensure to provide us a statement that no symptoms was observed such as high temperature, sore throat, coughing or breathing difficulties. If the voyage has been of a duration of 14 days or more since the last port of departure from an international destination and there is a crew change: Only cargo ships are allowed to call in Toamasina Port. Vessels arriving in Korea post 14 days since departure from last port (regardless of country): Entry for vessel and crew is as same as prior to COVID-19 situation. From 27 March 2020 till 1 June there will be no regular flights to/from Russia (only for repatriation of the Russian citizens from abroad). Please accept our greeting as an expression of our appreciation for your patronage and consideration for your safety. Contact with terminal staff is to be done remotely. Cavotec mooring systems are not available until mid-May. St. Vincent and the Grenadines Maritime Administration. Hong Kong extends the permission to effect crew change to passenger/cruise ships. Subject to change. The use of protective equipment to prevent COVID-19 infection (gloves and masks); it is recommended to maintain a minimum separation of 1.5 meters from another person. All seaports are open. If any crew are suspected of COVID 19 infection, the port shall contact the medical authorities for assistance and testing. Inbound international commercial flights for passengers at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (Manila) are allowed on a limited capacity. All ships are obligated to spray with sterilizers before entering port, to include spraying the deck, accommodation and the stairwell. In these situations launch boat is the only alternative to serve vessels needs by sea side. Information regarding health of a crew members must be updated 2h prior. The party surrendering the OBL is required to forward the OBL (hard copy) to the carrier or his agent within 30 days of receiving the facsimile. PANDIMAN PHILIPPINES Inc., P&I Correspondent in the Philippines informs that the Philippine health authorities have declared a Code Red sublevel 2 status in the country. The frequency of ship inspections related to environmental compliance (sulphur, MARPOL and ballast) as carried out by the German police has been reduced. In case that a vessel calling any Spanish port declares any ill crewmember with signs of COVID 19 or there is a suspicion of health alert, Port Authorities will follow a Technical Instruction where the vessel will be requested to immediately inform, through the Maritime Declaration of Health, to the Port Authority, the Harbour Master or the Maritime Port Traffic Control Centre. It’s taken for granted that the providers/vendors/ staff must place provisions along quay near the receipt point to be indicated and following their departure the crew will be allowed to receive provisions. All airspace within EU and Schengen areas will be closed to international flights with destination to EU + Schengen area or departing from, with some minor exceptions. Pilots and other port personnel who, due to their duties, cannot avoid meeting with crew members shall be provided with personal protection and disinfection agents. GlobalPandi, Caribbean Marine, Pandi Venezuela. Access to shore leave for Canadian and foreign seafarers is maintained without restriction. This allowance however does not exempt the foreigner from the obligation to carry an entry visa appropriate to his condition as a sea crew member, when this is required by Brazilian law. From above category – those who has travelled to the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Republic of Iraq or the Lebanese Republic in the 14 days preceding their arrival in the Kingdom will immediately be taken to undergo enhanced testing procedures as a preventative measure for coronavirus (COVID-19) and will be subject to quarantine. Toyota launched the Celica Camry, a four-door version of the Celica in 1980 for the Japanese domestic market.The Celica Camry was essentially a second generation Toyota Carina with styling revised to resemble the front-end of the 1978 Toyota Celica XX, known as the Celica Supra in export markets.. Further information: … Port of Tallinn has made several changes to work processes to ensure the continuity of the service.

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