Plans for a rail connection between the central rail station (Hauptbahnhof) in Frankfurt and the Hauptwache, the central commuter destination in the city, were started in the early 1960s. The journey time may be longer on weekends and holidays, … Certain functionalities may not work. Once you land, you should be emerging into the main part of the airport with-n 30-45 min. Please pre-book mobility assistance at least 48 hours prior to departure for international travel to or from Belgium. Tickets cost 11€ - 17€ and the journey takes 12 min. The gleis (platforms/tracks) used by the local S-Bahn trains to the city centre and to the flughafen/airport are at a lower level. Frankfurt (Main) Hbf is the central train station downtown, about a 10 min communter train ride from the airport. To be able to manage this … For assistance abroad on journeys beginning or ending outside Belgium, please contact the appropriate train company in the appropriate country. Der Frankfurter Hauptbahnhof ist der größte Bahnhof in Frankfurt am Main und einer der größten Bahnhöfe in Deutschland. The U-Bahn stop at Frankfurt (Main) is underground, it's main entrance is in the main hall which connects the middle of the concourse to the main street exits at the front of the station - look for the blue signs that have a white U on them. Frankfurt (Main) hbf is enormous, but that's because it's the central hub of Germany's entire rail network - so it's an easy city to reach by train. Please accept the general terms and conditions. Cookies are disabled in this browser. The Frankfurt Main Train Station is one of the largest train stations in Europe and is located just west of the city center. This subway is likely to be behind you when you step off a train – the main concourse will be ahead of you. According to Tripadvisor travelers, these are the best ways to experience Frankfurt am Main Hauptbahnhof: Frankfurt City Hop-On Hop-Off Tour (From $18.48) 2 Day Frankfurt Card Single 2020/2021 (From $19.71) Frankfurt Express Hop-on Hop-off Tour (From $21.49) Personal wine tours in the heart of Germany from Frankfurt … If this error persists, you can try again later on or book by phone with our Contact Centre on +32 70 79 79 79 (€0.30/min). depending on how … This card gives 50% discount in Germany when travelling with ICE or conventional trains (not valid on Thalys). DB-Information: 00:00 - 24:00. Something to watch out for is that the S-Bahn departures are NOT listed on the main departure boards - they are shown on screens above the entrance down to the S-Bahn platforms. Frankfurt (Main) Hbf to Vienna Hbf by train It takes an average of 7h 52m to travel from Frankfurt (Main) Hbf to Vienna Hbf by train, over a distance of around 373 miles (600 km). Six other … Follow the green ‘S’ signs on the main concourse. on all S-Bahn lines (except S7). That’s because it is a terminus station- so all long-distance trains arrive at the one level and have step-free access to the main concourse and exits. The station offers direct connections to Brussels, Amsterdam, Paris, Cologne and Zürich. Directly traveling from Frankfurt airport to Hauptbahnhof station … Alternatively, FlixBus operates a bus from Frankfurt, Frankfurt central station to Frankfurt … Children under 4 years old travel free without seat reservation. Tourist Information Hauptbahnhof (Main Train Station) Do you have any questions regarding your visit to Frankfurt? on S-Bahn lines S9 or S9, the Messe Frankfurt exhibition centre (approx. 60329. Underground railway (U-Bahn), tram and bus: the airport (11 min.) 50% discount for maximum 3 children (4 to 11 years old) who travel together with the holder of a valid Carte Liberté. Frankfurt (Main) Hbf - luggage storage. Easy to use website and apps rated excellent on Trustpilot, multi-currency bookings and human customer support. Hotels within 5 min walk of Frankfurt (Main) Central Railway station/Frankfurt (Main) Hbf, Hotel Cristall Deutsche Bahn Intercity-Express operates a train from Frankfurt (M) Flughafen Fernbf to Frankfurt (Main)Hbf every 20 minutes. it means the train station in the center of Frankfurt. Frankfurt (Main) Hbf. Railway Station Frankfurt. Opening hours: Please check your internet connection and try again. If you want to use a different discount card, please call the Contact Centre. Check real-time departure and arrival times for Frankfurt Hbf and hundreds of other European train stations. However, if you will be changing trains and don’t have heavy luggage etc. BY S-BAHN (local trains): This is our guests' favourite part of Frankfurt/Main, according to independent reviews. Opening hours: Did you book your train tickets at SNCB International, either online, through our app or via our contact centre? Mehr Karten von Frankfurt … Discount for maximum 3 children (4 to 11 years old) who travel together with the holder of a valid Carte Avantage. Despite its size Frankfurt (Main) hbf is also a comparatively easy station to use. Holders of a valid railpass for the Dutch rail network and holders of some types of NS season tickets (e.g. Want to take an exciting European rail journey, but not sure how? Frankfurt (Main) Central Station Frankfurt (Main) Hbf. You can … Tickets cost 2€ - 4€ and the journey takes 14 min. I have some hours to wait until the departure of the train and in order to be able to go … The discount cards below are accepted on our website. Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof. Frankfurt (Main) makes for an unlikely holiday destination because it is a gateway to seeing multiple beautiful locations by train. This map shows public toilets, parkings, left luggage office, taxi, S-Bahn, U-Bahn, tram, bus, information centers in Frankfurt hauptbahnhof (central train station). Grand Hotel Empire. Frankfurt (Main) Hbf is located towards the western edge of the city centre. Would you like information on sights to see, things to do, city tours, museums or hotels? Please confirm that you are the responsible of the company. Frankfurt Hbf has a whole host of facilities for passengers with reduced mobility: Wheelchair lifts on all platforms (for over 250kg), A guidance system for the blind on all levels, Mobility Service staff available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Disabled toilet available on the ground floor, near the food court, Our dedicated assistance service can be contacted, via the SNCB Mobility Contact Centre on +32 25 28 28 28, 7 days a week, 7.00 – 21.00. 4 min.) • Current departure time in Frankfurt (Main) Hbf | Deutsche Bahn The S-Bahn trains to the city centre. FRANKFURT, GERMANY - JUNE 17, 2019: Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof is the busiest railway station in Frankfurt There is also step-free access to these platforms by escalators and lifts. There are hourly high speed ICE trains to most other major … ","displayCurrencySymbolBeforeValue":true}}, {"showPromoExpanded":false,"showPromoCollapsed":false,"rememberPriceFlexFilterSelection":false,"enableLastExecutedQuery":false,"enableLastExecutedQueryLight":false,"allowLastExecutedQueryDefaulting":false,"allowLastExecutedQueryLightDefaulting":false,"allowLastExecutedQueryDefaultingForIdenticalOd":false,"todayString":"16/12/2020","hour":11,"showSelectODStep":false,"isForBookingHorizon":false}, {"autoActivateNextStep":false,"isLeqEnabled":false,"isLeqDefaultingEnabled":false,"isLffTeaserEnabled":true,"isFirstStepOfFlow":false,"showCompactVersion":false,"bookingPage":"/EN/Booking/Tickets","enableCaptcha":true,"captchaSiteKey":"6Le7lzoUAAAAAOrEub3aPdbmWGGRYzGSkTOg68fI","captchaToken":null}, {"odCombinationData":[{"origins":["BEABC"],"destinations":["NLASC","FRPNO"]},{"origins":["NLASC","FRPNO"],"destinations":["BEABC"]},{"origins":["BEBMI"],"destinations":["FRPNO","GBSPX","NLASC","FRLPD","FRMLV","FRAVG","FRMSC"]},{"origins":["FRPNO","GBSPX","NLASC","FRLPD","FRMLV","FRAVG","FRMSC"],"destinations":["BEBMI"]}],"calendarLegend":"Lowest fare of the day for 1 adult"}, {"comfortClass":2,"disableComfortClass":false,"disableChangePreferences":false,"maxChange":0,"showChangePreferences":false}, {"originRCode":null,"destinationRCode":null,"viaRCode":"","disableOrigin":false,"originRCodeLimitations":null,"disableDestination":false,"destinationRCodeLimitations":null,"odCombinations":[],"topStations":["NLASC","BEBMI","GBSPX","FRPNO","DEKOH"],"generalStationInfo":[{"displayTitle":"Amsterdam CS (NL)","synonyms":"Central","infoIcon":null,"info":null,"title":"Amsterdam CS (NL) ( Central )","rCode":"NLASC"},{"displayTitle":"Bruxelles-Midi (Be)","synonyms":"Brussels","infoIcon":null,"info":null,"title":"Bruxelles-Midi (Be) ( Brussels )","rCode":"BEBMI"},{"displayTitle":"London St Pancras (Gb)","synonyms":"Eurostar","infoIcon":null,"info":null,"title":"London St Pancras (Gb) ( Eurostar )","rCode":"GBSPX"},{"displayTitle":"Paris Nord (Fr)","synonyms":"","infoIcon":null,"info":null,"title":"Paris Nord (Fr)","rCode":"FRPNO"},{"displayTitle":"Köln Hbf (De)","synonyms":"Cologne, Koeln, Koln","infoIcon":null,"info":null,"title":"Köln Hbf (De) ( Cologne, Koeln, Koln )","rCode":"DEKOH"}],"isStationSwitchAllowed":true,"useStationToastMessages":true,"showViaStation":false,"enableRecentStations":true}, {"recentStationsToggle":"Recent searches","topStationsToggle":"Top destinations","clearRecentStations":"Clear recent stations","recentStationsLabel":"Your recent stations","topStationsLabel":"Our top destinations","extraInfoTitle":"More information","emptySearchResultInfo":"No matches for your search query. Use the paper departure (Abfahrt) sheets on each platform, to find out which platform/gleis that the train you will be connecting into, will be departing from. ThePass members pay a membership fee entitling them to reduced fares and increased flexibility when travelling between Paris and Brussels. Frankfurt(Main)Hbf is the main station of Frankfurt, located in the middle of the centre. Frankfurt Hbf is well-connected to the city’s public transportation network: There are many parking facilities around Frankfurt (Main) Central Station: No response within the expected time limit, {"domains":["","","","",""],"didYouMeanPrefix":"Did you mean","didYouMeanSuffix":"? Through a secured link, you can set a new MyTrain password. At the station there are a lot of eateries and shops. Im Hauptbahnhof Die S-Bahn Linie S9 (Richtung: Frankfurt Hbf) fährt von Hanau Hauptbahnhof nach Wiesbaden Hauptbahnhof und hat 27 Stationen. B&B Hotel Frankfurt-Hbf offers free Wi-Fi and free satellite TV. 3-S-Zentrale, Telefon: 069/2651055. The Carté Liberté is sold at the fixed price of €399 per year. The name affix "Main" comes from the city's full name, Frankfurt … This discount card offers 30% discount to the card holder and to one fellow traveller on return journeys during the weekend. The new Concierge service will ensure you travel on the ultimate trains with the most suitable ticket or rail pass. We’ve sent you an email to help you create a new password. Im Hauptbahnhof. OV-Jaarabonnement, depending on the travel time and the season ticket conditions) get 40% discount on the Dutch part of an international journey with conventional trains to/from the Netherlands. International ticket offices: DB travel centre and ticket vending machines. : +49 (0)69 265 10 55, Federal Police Station - Platform 24 - Tel. - then it can be quicker to use the subway that connects the platforms. If you want to book a separate seat for your child, please select the age group 'Child (4-5)'. "}, {"outboundDate":{"restrictions":{"minimumDaysAfterDeparture":null,"maximumDaysAfterDeparture":null,"allowedTravelDates":null,"allowedWeekDays":null,"minimumDate":"16/12/2020","maximumDate":null},"travelDate":null,"travelTime":0,"timePreference":0},"inboundDate":{"restrictions":{"minimumDaysAfterDeparture":null,"maximumDaysAfterDeparture":null,"allowedTravelDates":null,"allowedWeekDays":null,"minimumDate":"16/12/2020","maximumDate":null},"travelDate":null,"travelTime":0,"timePreference":0},"datePlaceholderDepart":"Depart on","datePlaceholderReturn":"Return"}, {"allowedPassengerTypes":[{"code":"S","key":"MF_Single_Senior","label":"Senior (60+)"},{"code":"A","key":"MF_Single_Adult","label":"Adult (26-59)"},{"code":"Y","key":"MF_Single_Youth15to25","label":"Youth (15-25)"},{"code":"12","key":"MF_Single_Youth12to14","label":"Youth (12-14)"},{"code":"6","key":"MF_Single_Kid6to11","label":"Child (6-11)"},{"code":"4","key":"MF_Single_Kid4to5","label":"Child (4-5)"},{"code":"0","key":"MF_Single_Kid0to3","label":"Child (0-3)"}],"allowedReductionCards":[{"requiredFtpCard":3,"residenceCountryRequired":false,"countryRequired":false,"passCountries":null,"card":"NMBS_50%","label":"50% discount Belgium (SNCB)"},{"requiredFtpCard":3,"residenceCountryRequired":false,"countryRequired":false,"passCountries":null,"card":"GBA","label":"100% discount Belgium (SNCB)"},{"requiredFtpCard":3,"residenceCountryRequired":false,"countryRequired":false,"passCountries":null,"card":"VDU","label":"40% discount Netherlands (NS)"},{"requiredFtpCard":3,"residenceCountryRequired":false,"countryRequired":false,"passCountries":null,"card":"GNA","label":"100% discount Netherlands (NS)"},{"requiredFtpCard":3,"residenceCountryRequired":false,"countryRequired":false,"passCountries":null,"card":"GLA","label":"100% discount Luxembourg (CFL)"},{"requiredFtpCard":3,"residenceCountryRequired":false,"countryRequired":false,"passCountries":null,"card":"THEPASS BU","label":"Frequent Pass (Thalys)"},{"requiredFtpCard":3,"residenceCountryRequired":false,"countryRequired":false,"passCountries":null,"card":"THEPASS PR","label":"Premium Pass (Thalys)"},{"requiredFtpCard":3,"residenceCountryRequired":false,"countryRequired":false,"passCountries":null,"card":"251","label":"Bahncard 25 1st class (DB)"},{"requiredFtpCard":3,"residenceCountryRequired":false,"countryRequired":false,"passCountries":null,"card":"252","label":"Bahncard 25 2nd class (DB)"},{"requiredFtpCard":3,"residenceCountryRequired":false,"countryRequired":false,"passCountries":null,"card":"501","label":"Bahncard 50 1st class (DB)"},{"requiredFtpCard":3,"residenceCountryRequired":false,"countryRequired":false,"passCountries":null,"card":"502","label":"Bahncard 50 2nd class (DB)"},{"requiredFtpCard":2,"residenceCountryRequired":false,"countryRequired":false,"passCountries":null,"card":"CAF","label":"Carte Avantage Famille (SNCF)"},{"requiredFtpCard":2,"residenceCountryRequired":false,"countryRequired":false,"passCountries":null,"card":"CAJ","label":"Carte Avantage Jeune (SNCF)"},{"requiredFtpCard":2,"residenceCountryRequired":false,"countryRequired":false,"passCountries":null,"card":"CAS","label":"Carte Avantage Senior (SNCF)"},{"requiredFtpCard":2,"residenceCountryRequired":false,"countryRequired":false,"passCountries":null,"card":"CAW","label":"Carte Avantage Weekend (SNCF)"},{"requiredFtpCard":2,"residenceCountryRequired":false,"countryRequired":false,"passCountries":null,"card":"CLB","label":"Carte Liberté (SNCF)"},{"requiredFtpCard":2,"residenceCountryRequired":false,"countryRequired":false,"passCountries":null,"card":"CLE","label":"Carte Liberté - Enfant (SNCF)"},{"requiredFtpCard":3,"residenceCountryRequired":false,"countryRequired":false,"passCountries":null,"card":"CAA","label":"Carte Avantage - adult companion (SNCF)"},{"requiredFtpCard":3,"residenceCountryRequired":false,"countryRequired":false,"passCountries":null,"card":"CAE","label":"Carte Avantage - child companion (SNCF)"}],"allowedEmployeeReductions":[],"allowedTrainServices":[],"allowMoreThanMaxPassengers":true,"defaultNumberOfPassengers":1,"minimumNumberOfPassengers":1,"maximumNumberOfPassengers":9,"defaultPassengerType":"A","allowDelete":true,"passengers":[{"passengerType":"A","passengerId":null,"favoriteId":null,"isAccountOwner":false,"ignoreExtraData":false,"firstName":null,"lastName":null,"ftpCards":null,"reductionCards":null,"employeeReduction":null,"trainService":null}],"employeeReductionMustBeSelectedForEveryPassenger":false,"defaultFtpCards":[{"cardNumber":null,"hasCard":false,"allowCard":true,"prefix":"308406","cardType":1,"translatedName":"Thalys loyalty card","maxLength":11,"placeholder":"My Thalys World"},{"cardNumber":null,"hasCard":false,"allowCard":true,"prefix":"308381","cardType":0,"translatedName":"Eurostar loyalty card:","maxLength":11,"placeholder":"Club Eurostar"},{"cardNumber":null,"hasCard":false,"allowCard":true,"prefix":"290901","cardType":2,"translatedName":"Grand Voyageur","maxLength":11,"placeholder":"Carte Grand Voyageur"}],"qsmCompFieldOtherKey":"other traveller.

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